Bike For Three! - Always I WIll Miss You

Always I WIll Miss You Bike For Three!

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Артист: Bike For Three!
Название mp3: Always I WIll Miss You
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Добавлено: 2015-05-07
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Время проигрывания: 03:21
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Left to our own devices, preciseness,
We've made something indestructible and priceless.
Lightning is the fury. Thunder the obsession.
Hours in between and I'm under the impression.
When I heard your music I tried to dance and fell.
Advancing well, but I don't have a chance in hell.
Enhance. Excell. The darkest night - I should have been there.
But every time I come close you disappear into thin air.
I walk a mile through broken fields and bandaged woods.
We talk a while. The words are incoherent. I'm damaged goods.
I try to work my way down a list of growing factors
But instead I'm going backwards.
There's been an accident. Condition stable. Intravenous.
Holding your hand with the kitchen table in between us.
Your perfect hands - I recognize them right away.
Your naked truth that will never see the light of day.
We speak a secret language. Explaining scars,
Birds in the trees, waterfalls and flaming stars.
All the little things that can take my breath away.
Lying to myself, I fake my death today.
(Why am I doing this...)
Leavin' to stay. Tomorrow - all hail to it.
Blank piece of paper. Bored with a nail through it.
You belong to something else - part of my dreams.
Different story. I'm coming apart at the seams.
The face you want to know and the mask you touch.
I don't know what's worse and I ask too much.
Going down on each other and caught in the act.
Up against the wall and shot in the back.
Two rivers. Similarity and other-ness.
Another day in a life that is motherless.
Thorn in the side. Diamonds adorn the sky.
I'm under the impression and I was born to die.

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Видеоклип Always Will I Miss You. Always You. by Bike for Three! (with lyrics)
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