Jeremih - Down On Me feat. 50 Cent

Down On Me (feat. 50 Cent) Jeremih

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Артист: Jeremih
Название mp3: Down On Me (feat. 50 Cent)
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Добавлено: 2015-12-08
Прослушали: 336
Время проигрывания: 03:48
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Текст песни
50 Cent
She want it I can tell she want it
want me to push up on it
for she know when I’m all on it
we get the party going liquor flowing this is fire
50 and Jeremih number 1 there’s nothing higher
(won’t you go and)
get it get it (I see you baby)
work it work it
(won’t you, just put it down)
get it get it
work it work it
break it break it down…

Ok she headed to the dancefloor and she slowly start to poppin it
something like my wrist 'cause everybody got to watching it
girl you go that secret treasure I’m gone put that lock on it
don’t care what they say I would be stupid to be not on it
heard you go that sticky
lets go and take 9 shots we’ll just call it fifty
and I’m gonna lick it lick it lick it
till her hicky have her Rev running
keep you running til you whimpy
(bang bang bang bang)
Oh you look so sweet
what you work in Paris
look at your pysique
girl you are a beauty well I am a beast
they must have been trippin to let me off the leash

Jeremih Chorus
I love the way you grind with that booty on me
shorty you a dime why you looking lonely
we’ll buy another round and it’s all on me
as long as I’m around put it down on me
just put it down on me
put it down on me
down down on me
don’t throw it off the mound
show me how its gon be
girl all I really want is you down on me
put it down on me

50 Cent
Systems thumping party jumping
shorty she’s a perfect 10
she rock her hips than roll her hips
than drop it down like it’s nothing
she shaped just like an hour glass
she see how fast an hour passed
time flies when I’m on that ass
but I won’t put our sh-t on blast
work it like a pro pro pro
sit and watch it go go go
do her thing all on the floor
she bounce it fast and shake it slow
so sexual, incredible
she beautiful she edible
I got her I won’t let her go
I aint seen nothing better yo
look at how she twurk it
the way she work it
make me wanna hit it hit it
heaven when I’m in it in it
if I do not fit, I’m gonna make it
girl you can take it
don’t stop get it get it


Say you independant
get it from your momma
tell me if you with it
do you really wanna wanna
baby when you see me
you know I be on it
can you keep it up
put it all up on me



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Видеоклип Jeremih - Down On Me ft. 50 Cent
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