K'Naan - Mecca OST Космополис

Mecca (OST Космополис) K'Naan

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Артист: K'Naan
Название mp3: Mecca (OST Космополис)
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Добавлено: 2015-12-03
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Getting Shorty's(?) easy,
tried it seven times,
now I'm just a solar power working on my rhymes,
kid used to think he was rise to the system, prince to the street so used to do things his way
but he had a case of conventional wisdom never say nothing the others dont say threaded down the waist to the east to the choir(?)
souls unfolded oh god oh man
living high on mass(?) Sucking on tit, make em fast
man gave em news in a slanted room
and it felt like a silver of icy truth
from a sad ass soldier flying out the mouth would go to splitting down....to the root,
let me be who I was,
I'm round to thats lost but now...


Coming from the street...to Mecca(Mecca)
Death no matter where you go, its gonna get ya(get ya)
Coming from the street....to Mecca(Mecca) Death no matter where you go, its gonna get ya(get ya)
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