Krizz Kaliko ft. Twista & Tech N9ne - Kill Shit

Kill Shit Krizz Kaliko ft. Twista & Tech N9ne

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Артист: Krizz Kaliko ft. Twista & Tech N9ne
Название mp3: Kill Shit
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Добавлено: 2015-03-07
Прослушали: 684
Время проигрывания: 04:00
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Текст песни
Ayo, Kali, kill 'em

Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko
Kali baby
Know we claim we insane seeing Strange do the same thing
Drain the main pain, mainstream ?
Tell 'em wake it off, tell 'em knock it off, (mane, mane)
Tell if they penciling pick em off (Like the primetime)
Coming out the middle is the reason we done took so long
Give 'em this just a little when they d-do it to my song
I'mma make you do a song, sick it to you a song
Fluents keep movin in the middle with pillows they chewing on
Other rappers ain't compatible, they be fallible
If you wanna challenge me with a battle we better saddle up
I work for battlers,seal it by pittlin pattilin
Tittling tattling rattle them 'till they had enough
And like old liquor,kali can speak easy,be breezy
And if I lick her,kali can freak easy,your breezy
Little sh*ter and like in P.E. O-N-C's
And if they different than me
Then they can be eat me in season
Ah uh, I'm ripping my mouth off
And the niggas that mouth off
I'm taking they top off
I'm the dope, and you are the drop-off
My niggas are not soft, ignorants pop off, hot sauce
I'm coming from the planet of Barbie
When niggas are n*ggas are awfully,i feel like keeping my car keys
Spreadin that spark, and pick up a clip in a heartbeat
Sit in the star seat, then I'm getting back to killing 'em softly
Why you gotta do it on me on the c-c-choppers when I did it in the beginning
I hit it on it,just the type of me to show 'em im a c-c-c-c
Just put put em in a blender and hit it on it
See they be shaking the fact
Put a snake into the record for the sake of the bat
Uh,maybe stare at ya act
Put the safety from rabies,and maybe that they never had
That Krizz cray
Better yet,call me Kalibaby
Really will deliver it in any kind of way
I slow it down for it to be easier to say
Totally awesome dude
I'm a predator and you're awesome food
It's better than when I was offin you
From up here there's a pretty damn awesome view
And a moment of silence, we just lost a few
Ah uh, bring that back now

Hook: Krizz Kaliko
You already know the outcome
How 'bout turnin up the volume
And watch me kill shit
You already know what I'm talking 'bout
If you don't understand the words that's coming out my mouth
Then watch me kill shit

Verse 2: Twista
Twista! They call me Mr. Malevolent
With a style to show that I'm another pistol that's elegant
Kaliko to cut the throat of me no patrollin me
Nickin every syllable Thats strong enough to lift up an elephant
I consist that your as soft as a Marcus and I can send niggas
At you and have em take away your oxygen I could then murder you in another dimension of Diobolical proportions as I find a portaland lock em in
Eat the key up then re-up I'm gone
See the way that I re-up a G up
I'm on
Now I'mma hang my feet up from reeboks, it's on
Niggas this ain't a game put your wii up, I'm grown
A general wanna shut on you be Feelin every person tho everybody can spit it but we still a very packin so much artillery we are like a military and no tellin how may body's we bout Killin berry
Gimme the block then I'mma ball
Because I be tippin
Spending the money when I'm in the mall like tryna be different
Different kinda clothes
Other kinda shoes
When the hoes see the swag they be askin if they can come and kick it
Shorty what you talkin bout just get your homies and come with it I'm over here Gettin drunk up the limousine
Now I got a drunken fast flow
But it don't matter I can still blow the whole party to smithereens
Spitten words in the middle like kali-
Ko we Killin em cause you put together a team
As if you were Pat Riley
Cus ain't nobody compara-
Ble to us if you want it then you know what it means


Verse 3

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