Manowar "The Lord Of Steel" 2012 - Hail, Kill And Die

Hail, Kill And Die Manowar

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Артист: Manowar "The Lord Of Steel" (2012)
Название mp3: Hail, Kill And Die
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Добавлено: 2015-08-31
Прослушали: 594
Время проигрывания: 03:56
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Текст песни
On hymns of battle we rode to glory
Hail england did we
By the sign of the hammer
We fought the world
Kings of metal to be
Louder than hell
Warriors of the world
Now gods of war
Stand our ground knights immortal
For metal once more
Hail kill and die
On this ground for death and glory
Are all who believe
Blood and steel bound together
In a fight to be free
We will arm the just
And grind to dust
Those who deny
Our sacred right
Of glory and might
We shall survive
Hail kill and die
Hail kill and die
Dark avengers armed with hatred
Black arrows and wings
By the hammer of thor
A holy war
For the crown and the ring
We ride the dragon and wield the power
To fight til we die
Sons of odin stand so tall
We all touch the sky
Hail kill and die

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